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Jul 8, 2019

All right all you hackers, today is one of the coolest interviews I’ve done, and it is with my good friend, James ‘Bubba’ Kroeger. One of the reasons this is so cool is because Bubba has had arguably two of the best jobs you could ever want in the golf business. His first one was in Titleist golf ball R&D where he would go up and down the East Coast, gather a lot of research on Titleist golf balls with amateurs, club pros, and tour pros, take that back to the engineers at Titleist so they would know what needed to be modified to optimize a golf ball; dimple depth, dimple pattern, outer core material and so on. He was also a club fitter for Titleist where he got to work with and fit some of the top amateur’s in the game, Titleist staff club pros and Titleist PGA Touring staff pros at the Titleist home facility in Massachusetts. From there he went on to become Manager of Foot Field Marketing, where he is primarily focused on managing Foot Joy’s amateur promotions program at the same time overseeing Foot Joys infield fitting and consumer marketing initiatives. That may sound like a lot of big words, but it really means he is the Foot Joy Amateur Rep. In this position he goes to a lot of the top amateur golf tournaments, and junior tournament’s around the country, and works with some kids who really like playing the Foot Joy and Titleist products. Today’s interview is packed with a lot of information on golf balls, club fitting, amateur golf and if by the end of this interview you don’t think that Bubba is one of the best guys in the game and has had some of the best jobs in the game, than you might have listened to the wrong interview.