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Sep 22, 2019

Martin Chuck (Twitter: @tourstriker, Instagram: tourstrikergolf, Facebook: @TourStriker) is the Founder of Tour Striker Training Products and Golf Academy. Martin is a Top 100 Coach that began his career under the tutelage of golf legends George Knudsen and Moe Norman.  

Martin has worked to help improve the games of golfers of every type; from beginner to major champions and everyone in between. His line of golf training aids under the banner ‘Tour Striker’ and have been used by players at every level to improve their game. You may have seen them on the Golf Channel or in some of Martin’s videos for Revolution Golf.

In addition to his coaching, he also has the Tour Striker Academy, located at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona. When taking time off in the summer months Martin takes the Tour Striker Academy on the road to help golfers around the world improve their games.