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Oct 6, 2019

Preston Greene is not your average Strength & Conditioning Coach. While many teenagers were eager to improve their swing, squat, jump shot or bench press, Preston was studying how to get them to do that better. He began studying training at age 14 and has been helping athletes improve ever since. He has worked at some of the most prestigious universities in the country; Clemson, Stanford, University of Arizona, among others, all leading to his current position at University of Florida. Preston has helped countless athletes achieve success at the highest levels from collegiate championships all the way up to the professionals (NHL and NBA) and Olympic ranks. Not only does he hold a degree in health science, but he has a Masters in applied kinesiology and sports management. Preston also holds numerous certifications and memberships including the National Strength & Conditioning Assoc. (NCSA), he has a performance enhancement specialist certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and one of the most impressive, he is 1 of 16 Internationally Certified PICP (Poliquin Int’l Certification Program) Level 5 Coaches (see the ‘Show Notes’ for a description of this certification). The PICP Level 5 is from his mentor and legendary coach Charles Poliquin’s Group Education.

Preston and I have an amazing discussion that revolves around his start in the field at an early age, his apprenticeship under Coach Poliquin and what he’s learned from a lifetime spent in his field. Not only do we discuss sport specific training, but we also get into discussing nutrition and supplements and how in todays nutrient depleted world they are musts if one is perform at the highest levels successfully.

This was an awesome interview and Preston made time on 3 separate occasions so we could get it done. He gives a lot of great insight into the world of training and what everyone can do to improve.