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Dec 23, 2019

Michael Napoleon is the co-founder of SuperSpeed Golf (FB: @superspeedgolf, T: @superspeedgolf, IG: @superspeedgolf), one of the fastest growing and most used developmental aids in golf today. While owning and operating a golf performance academy called Catalyst Golf Performance in the Chicago area, he started working on an Overspeed training product that later became known as the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, which was eventually brought to market in 2014.  Since then SuperSpeed Golf has helped countless golfers, from weekend hackers to PGA Tour professionals around the world (and everyone in between) swing faster, increase their distance, and lower their scores. Michael and his team were gracious enough to extend a discount on the SuperSpeed Golf line of products. Go to SuperSpeed Golf (or click HERE) and use the code GOLF360 at checkout.