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Jan 13, 2021

Aaron Terrazas (FB: @aaron.terrazas.16, T: @aaronterrazas2) is a former member of the Mexican Junior National Team, graduate of the IJGA (International Junior Golf Academy), graduate of UTEP (University of Texas El Paso) where he won multiple NCAA golf  tournaments and was an All-Conference selection twice, and current member of the PGA Tour Latin America.

In today’s show we follow Aaron’s career along it’s path from beginning to today. From junior prodigy to world renowned academy, from Division I collegiate golf to amateur career, and finally onto his dream of playing golf professionally on one of the major golf tours in the world. His story is just beginning, and he is sure to attain one of his goals of becoming a member of and winning on the PGA Tour. Find out more about his story, the development and trajectory of a child prodigy and stories along the way with this great kid.