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Jan 31, 2021

Chris Sywassink is the owner of Ghost Coast Distillery (FB: @ghostcoastdistillery, IG: @ghostcoastdistillery, P:@ghostcoastdistillery). Located on Indian Street in the Historic District of Savannah, Georgia. Chris and company have made some big waves in the short amount of time they’ve been around. In only four short years they have gone from start-up to consistently winning national taste awards around the country.  I recently go to sit down with Chris, at the Ghost Coast Distillery, and discuss all things about the liquor business, why failure is the steppingstone to the revolutionary things they’ve doing, why the city of Savannah is so important to him, and what he learned from being a sponsor of the local PGA Tour’s Korn Ferry event. Whether you’re a fan of the 19th hole and a drink or two after a round of golf, this is one of those shows that is extremely interesting and for some even eye opening.