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Feb 28, 2021

Coach Gil; aka Jose Guillermo Boesch (IG: @goata_loco, FB: @goataloco) is the founder of GOATA which stands for Greatest Of All Time Athletes. GOATA Movement, and their training facility GLS Training, is getting a lot of attention from golfers and athletes around the world because it is helping many avoid or overcome injuries that traditional training/therapy methods have fallen short on. If you want to play more golf, lead a more active lifestyle, and continue doing so as you age gracefully then continue reading and definitely listen to this episode.

In today’s show Coach Gil, an avid and die-hard golfer, drops some serious truth bombs that sheds light on his; why and how he developed GOATA, why cadaver science and traditional training methods maybe hindering your progress, and what you can do to ‘recode’ your body and system.

To learn more about Coach Gil, GOATA MovementRecode 225, or find a GOATA coach be sure to hit them up on their website -www.goatamovement.comYouTube channels or simply google GOATA and start your own recode process.