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Dec 12, 2021

Dr. Thomas P. Seager (IG: @seagertp T: @seagertp ) is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment at Arizona State University in Tempe AZ and he is also the CEO of Morozkoforge (IG: @Morozkoforge, FB: @Morozkoforge T: @Morozkoforge).  Dr. Seager is not your typical professor that relies on the information he is given. His teaching and research is focused on a new approach called Self-Actual Engineering, which is about designing our infrastructure, our relationships, and our lives to reach our fullest human potential.

In this episode we discuss the life altering experience that led him down a path in search of better health and a happier life, what he has learned along the way, and how he got into cold exposure, i.e., ice baths. During that journey he and his business partners (Jason Stauffer and Adrienne Jezick) started Morozkoforge, the finest ice baths in the world (used by biohacking genius Ben Greenfield and podcast superstar Joe Rogan). Dr. Seager gives a ton of information such as Why cold exposure is important, The challenges of getting started with cold exposure and how to work around that, and What sets Morozkoforge head and shoulders above the rest.

In the truest sense of helping others Dr. Seager provides his writings to anyone wanting to learn more where he writes from his engineering expertise in resilience, finance, and his personal experiences as a father, a scientist, a writer, a journalist, an artist, and an entrepreneur. This information is provided for free at any of the following:

Morozkoforge Journal