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Dec 20, 2022

Fast Eddie Fernandes (T: @FastEddie480, FB: @FastEddie480, IG:@fasteddie480, YT: @fasteddiefernandex1167) is an American Golf Professional as well as a Long Drive Professional. He is the 2018 Volvik Masters World Long Drive Champion. His longest ball in competition is 480 yards which was also the longest ball of the 2018 World Long Drive Tour season. He has made six World Long Drive Championship Open appearances and was the 2015 United States Senior Long Drive Champion. Eddie is currently ranked #1 in the World - Masters Division, and #14 in the Open Division.

Eddie has an amazing story; from his days of playing professional golf to his leaving the game to start a family and ultimately to his competing and winning the 2018 Volvik Master World Long Drive Championship. He was gracious enough to come on and discuss his story, what it’s like on the WLD (World Long Drive) circuit, his speed, swing & training development, and what all golfers can do to increase their swing speed.

Other things discussed in today’s show:
VIDEO of Eddie Swinging 135+mph
Rotex Motion

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