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Jan 1, 2023

Colin Swatton (T: @colinswattonpga) is a world-class coach, PGA Tour caddie, mentor, and commentator/analyst for PGA Tour Live and ESPN+.  He is most well known for his coaching and mentoring of Jason Day helping to coach and mentor Jason from his teens to becoming the #1 Golfer in the World.

Colin has a unique perspective no one else has. Not only are his decades of working with elite golfers around the globe exceptional, but being inside the ropes as a caddie has given him a real-time experience on what’s going through a golfer's mind in the ‘heat of battle’ be they PGA Tour events, major championships, or Presidents Cups. He also has viewed this as a commentator for PGA Tour Live and ESPN+ where his experience with all facets of coaching and elite-level golf are illustrated.

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