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Feb 26, 2023

Ricky Stanzi (IG: @glsgoata_education, T: @GOATA_education, YT: @GLSGOATA) is a former NFL quarterback who after years of using traditional methods of training and physical therapy was not getting the answers he was looking for and set out on a journey to find them. Along that journey he learned a lot and ultimately found GOATA which is a training philosophy and style that stands for Greatest Of All Time Athletes. GOATA is based on the ancient ways people were meant to move. It starts at your foundation; the foot, and works it’s way up as the systems of the body spiral but are aligned in fractals. GOATA practitioners often go through a ‘re-code’ (also known as ‘Recode 225’) which retrains the nervous and muscular system to move in a more efficient manner, allowing the individual, and/or athlete, to live and play longer, and most importantly without pain.

GOATA offers certifications where you can learn more about this system at GOATA Institute.

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