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Apr 9, 2023

Michael Finney (T: @mfinneygolf  FB: @michaelfinneygolfacademy ) is one of the top coaches/instructors in today’s game and you can find him coaching and instructing at the University of Louisville Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Not only does he constantly stay on top of the latest and greatest scientific data coming out of the research world, but he has a way of explaining that, so it’s understood by everyone. Whether you are a beginner, golf aficionado, or nay-sayer arguing ‘science’, Michael has a way of explaining very detailed things exceptionally well so it can be understood by everyone. Be sure to check out Michael’s new video series ‘Golf Research – 100 minutes’ HERE

For more of Michael’s videos and educational information check out his Vimeo page HERE.
To learn more from Golf’s Leading Research Ph.D.’s watch the Zoom Meetings HERE
Also be sure to check out Michael’s educational seminar titled: ‘Golf Swing Kinetics’


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