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Apr 30, 2023

Dr. Erik Henrikson (T: @Ehenrik, IG: @e_henrikson) has possibly the best job in golf as the Director of Golf Science for PING Golf (T: @PingTour , IG: @pingtour, FB: @PINGGolfFans, YT: @PING). If that wasn’t enough, he is also a Board Member for Golf Science. Not only does he get to use his educational background in engineering, he has a B.S., Mechanical Engineering and a M.S.E., PhD., in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University, but he also gets to scratch his curiosity itch in the innovative and creative culture at PING Golf. He began as a research engineer and has since moved into fitting and innovation, fitting science, and testing. One of a number of very bright minds at PING Golf, it’s no wonder they are doing some amazing things in the industry and so many golfers, from tour pros to weekend warriors love playing their products.

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