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Jun 12, 2022

Will Wilcox (IG: @wavegodwilcox1T: @willwilcoxgolf, FB: @willwillcoxgolf) has one of the best stories in golf. He was one of the ‘young guns’ everyone had their eye on a decade ago when he won on the Korn Ferry Tour and made his way onto the PGA Tour. He was one of the best ball strikers on the planet and the sky was the limit. Then he went down the wrong path. Even with his family and friends giving full support it wasn’t until he realized he was the one that had to make the change did it start to happen. Today we discuss all these things as well as what he’s learned, how he has changed, and what his new perspective on the world is. Will is also the co-host of the Ture Time podcast, along with Jim Renner, so be sure to check him out there too.


Jeff Champion (FB: @jeffchampion IG: @jeffchampion28 ) is a regular on the show and has been a mentor, and friend, to Will for more than 30 years. They go all the way back to when will was a youngster, hanging with the big boys, around Pell City, Alabama during some of the fiercest golf matches and dog fights you could imagine. They are tied at the hip for eternity and not only is Jeff a big supporter of Will’s, he’s also a dear friend.