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Nov 20, 2022

Garry Singer is the CEO of Clear Golf (T: @ClearSportsGolf, IG: @cleargolf, FB: @cleargolf) and makes the premiere golf ball in the game today. If you’re asking, ‘What makes Clear the finest golf balls on the market?’ look no further than 1. Their adherence to the principle of they only make their balls with the highest quality products. 2. They will not do anything that doesn’t allow them to provide their customers with the best quality product, i.e., they will not under any circumstance cut a corner. Knowing that, you can understand why they are growing so quickly. Clear’s proprietary W74 core includes a chemical element with such a high density that it’s applied by the military in penetrating projectiles. Why is that important to you? Great precision. Unprecedented stability in the wind, and maximum competitive advantage.

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