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Jun 11, 2023

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus (T: @RickSessinghaus, IG: @ricksessinghaus, FB @RickSessinghaus) is one of a rare few performance coaches that have expertise in swing mechanics and the mental side of performance. He is also the founder of FlowCode and The Flow Code Golf Academy. A former Division I golfer and touring professional with a background in coaching/instruction has been helping golfers of all skill levels for over 20 years. Couple that with a doctorate degree in applied sports psychology and he is a leading performance consultant to athletes, executives, and corporations looking to achieve optimal performance. He has helped golfers at all skill levels; juniors, amateur, collegiate, and tour professionals achieve success at the highest levels. Rick is also the author of the highly sought-after book, ‘Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game.’ If you are interested in taking your performance to levels you never thought possible you can watch some of his Master Class videos or reach him via any of the links in this summary.

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