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Aug 26, 2023

Alessandro Romagnoli (IG: @dott.alessandro_romagnoli, FB: @alessandroromagnoli) is the Co-Founder of Oxylab and a world renowned psychologist that is helping athletes of all kinds and all levels do things they never thought possible. In addition to being a Psychologist specializing in Cognitive Neuroscience he also has multiple graduate diplomas in Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychosomatic Medicine where he specializes in Neuropsychological Cognitive Psychotherapy. In addition to his formal education, he is also an Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor and a Wim Hof Instructor Trainee. All said, he is one of the world leaders when it comes to how your brain works and how you can control your actions with breathing. Alessandro has helped athletes in MMA, Olympians, and various sports as well as the Special Forces.


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