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Aug 27, 2023

Scott McNealy (T: @scottmcnealy) is an American businessman, exceptional golfer, husband, friend, former CEO of Sun Microsystems but to the golfing world he is better known as ‘Golf Digest’s’ Top Rated golfing CEO in America as well as the father of PGA Tour star Maverick McNealy. Scott has a long history of success as a businessman starting with his Co-Founding Sun Microsystems (where he was the CEO for over two decades) followed by also Co-Founding Wayin, being an Operating partner and advisor for Flume Ventures, as well as the Co-Founder and Board Member at Curriki. His success doesn’t end with his business savvy, as he and his wife Susan have raised four amazing boys to be successful in their own fields as well as great individuals and human beings. Most notable to those in golf, is his son Maverick, who was the top-rated amateur in the world and now a card carrying member of the PGA Tour.


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