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Sep 3, 2023

Bryce Turner (IG: @beachbryce) is the co-owner of Beach Fitness, located in Seal Beach, CA, a world-class facility that provides Osteopathic fitness and rehabilitation, ELDOA, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Pilates, Yoga and Nutritional Counseling. He is a certified Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Golf Biomechanics Specialist, and a Fitness Practitioner from the CHEK Institute. He specializes in functional therapy in regard to the total body joint and spinal mobility, stability, and alignment. His breadth of knowledge and experience has allowed him to create the Rehab Program.

Since 2012, Bryce Turner has been studying under the world-renowned French Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO. He graduated from the SomaTraining™ & SomaTherapy™ programs in 2016 and as a Certified ELDOA Trainer in 2017. In 2014, under the guidance and instruction of Guy VOYER DO, Bryce entered the Osteopathy program at Sutherland Academy in Montréal, Canada (Académie Sutherland d’Ostéopathie), graduate candidate of 2022. Bryce’s advanced level makes him one of the elite few approved ELDOA (1-4) and SOMA Training Instructors in the US, offering educational courses for advanced level trainers, therapists, and practitioners. He is also appointed host for ELDOA 5.1 taught by Guy VOYER, DO, in April 2021, Montréal, Canada.


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